Geulah (She/her/who) is a tall, dark and handsome queerdo. She is native to Detroit and moved to The Bay Area in 2018 to pursue stand-up comedy. Her comedy style has been described as confidently conversational, ridiculously revelatory and slightly satirical. Geulah's upbringing in a Hassidic-Jewish community lends to a refreshing, nuanced and hilarious (mis)conception of the world.  She draws her audiences in with an exuberant physicality and cuts  deep on issues like gender dynamics, religion and income inequality. Geulah has graced the stages of The SF Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club and far too many Zoom shows. 


Geulah is passed as a feature at Laughs Comedy Club In Seattle 



SF Sketchfest (2023)

 SF Sketchfest (2020)

 Oakland Comedy Festival (2019) 

 Detroit Women of Comedy festival (2018).

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Thanks for stopping by my page. I fell hard for The Bay Area Scene after joining in September of 2018. I spend a lot of time thinking about dark shit like religious cults, income inequality and helium shortages. My stand up is confessional and physical. I love to hear from my audience.  I am unusually pro "heckler". Live comedy means the audience should be alive and funky like a good sourdough starter. (Obviously too much funk can ruin the batch). I love hosting, producing and traveling to new cities for comedy.

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I am currently a part of San Fransisco's oldest (and best) sketch writing program, Killing My Lobster where I am writing weekly sketches for Sketch Writing One.

I have written and directed two satirical plays for Detroit Jews for Justice. In these plays I used humor, music an drama to entertain while educating folks on Illegal housing foreclosures and unjust public school shutdowns. Watch Full 


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Before Moving to The Bay Area in 2018, Geulah was deeply immersed in the Detroit Improv scene. She graduated from Planet Ant Training Center and continued to preform regularly in several improv troops. Geulah has worked with The Detroit Creativity Project to teach improv in public schools and with senior citizens through The Living Arts Projects. Geulah regularly facilitates improv based workshops for faith-based organizations, camps and offices to foster creativity and connection.

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